As a sex and relationship therapist in training, I work within a Bio-Psycho-Social framework of Clinical Sexology, with a pluralistic approach to psychotherapy. This is offered through a sex positive lens, respectful of diverse sexuality and gender expression. 

          Sex and relationship therapy can be really helpful in supporting a person, inclusive of any gender, who is experiencing a sexual function problem. Although, it is important to identify any biological cause, Psychosexual therapy invites for a space to explore the psychological ingredients. It is my intention to work alongside you to create a safe and non-judgmental space, for you to be curious, with an openness to explore the more intimate thoughts and emotions of your lived experience.



I am able to help with a range of areas including:

·       Vaginismus

·       Dyspareunia

·       Vulvodynia

·       Pain and Penetration

·       Loss of Desire

·       Unreliable Erections

·       Early Ejaculation

·       Delayed Ejaculation

·       Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

.       Kink


Fees: £50 per hour

Restricted Concessions may be available.


    Intimate Partner Therapy.

                    Intimate Partner Therapy is offered from a Pluralistic approach, drawing upon a range of contemporary tools. Attuning to the needs of the clients while being responsive to the needs of the relationship.

Intimate partner therapy holds a space for partners to explore difficult aspects of their relationship and can help restore healthy communication following a rupture within the relationship. This enhanced communication, can allow for a sense of closeness, connection and understanding between partners.

  •  Consensual Non-Monogamy
  • Affairs and Betrayal (NCNM)
  • Desire Discrepancy- where there may be a mismatch is sexual desire.


Fees: £60 per hour

Restricted Concessions may be available.


CIC's Diploma in Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy. (September 2022-2024)

                As a sex and relationship therapist in training, I have received specialist training and have completed the appropriate modules to offer a safe and professional service. I work to COSRT ethical framework and engage in regular clinical supervision of my work to ensure safe and ethical practice.